The 7th Street Level Photoworks Open

Street Level Photoworks, Trongate 103, Glasgow G1 5HD. Visited  21st January 2013.

This exhibition includes 19 image-makers selected from 67 applicants responding to a call for artists to showcase work in a ‘lively exhibition embracing the range of formats and methods of photographic image-making.’ The results are examples of that declaration and further propose that photography is very much widely practiced and applied in the creative sector, whether over or under the radar of what is known of visual arts activity in Scotland.

Ashley Good: Duel/Dual examines the relationship between dancing and fencing. The fencing images were shot first as uninterrupted matches. The final fencing images were then shown to the dancers who re-interpreted them using forms of contemporary dance. I liked the strong elements of design in this image with definite diagonals, eye-lines and curves demonstrated by the two dancers.



Ashley is a trained freelance editorial and commercial photographer based in Glasgow. His work has been exhibited in a number of galleries around Glasgow and was featured in an exhibition at the Margaret Street Gallery in London earlier in January 2013.

Iain McLean is a freelance Photographer and Imaging Specialist with 13 years experience in digital imaging working on the Herald / Evening Times / Sunday Herald which has provided him with the skills to see the job through to print ready images and also allows him to produce images in his own graphic style.

Scottish Trees Portfolio 

Iain McLean’s flash light interventions in woodland, ‘Pollok Leaves’, illuminates aspects of the trees and leaves that gives them a separate sculptural presence, freezing a transitory moment within the frame of the photograph. I particularly liked the contrast in colours seen with the leaves and the woodland. Clearly special lighting techniques were utilised throughout this shoot and as this is an area i lack expertise in I look forward to exploring lighting later in this module.

Jennifer Wilcox recently graduated from the department of Visual Communication at the Glasgow School of Art, specialising in photography. For her final year projects she began researching the history of Glencoe Ski Hill and St Kilda, two areas of great interest to her.


I selected this image from St Kilda (Hiort) of this mountain and again was inspired by the elements of design exhibited in the image. Curves clearly seen in the foreground with the triangle mountain on the horizon.

As mentioned above there were 19 photographers exhibited at this gallery. I spent a long time trying to understand a lot of the images by a number of different photographers. The ones I have shown above were ‘obvious’ to me in that they exhibited elements of design that I had covered in the TAOP course so far. It maybe the case that the other photographers images that I did not comprehend may become more apparent as time progresses with future courses? Time will tell as I continue my research visiting other galleries and completing further reading.


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