Contemporary Photography by Beka Globe

Beka Globe Photography at Mission House Studio, Finsbay, Isle of Harris. Visited 12th August 2012

A stunning location for an exhibition described as “A Creative Space on the edge of the Atlantic.”. She studied photography and darkroom techniques at Napier University in Edinburgh. She was inspired by Ansel Adams landscapes, Paul Strands  portraits and Hiroshi Sugimoto’s seascapes.

Beka’s photographs are all in black and white that ‘float’ off the stone walls in the gallery, suspended by high tensile wires. She is a traditionally trained photographer, and her work captures an emotive vastness, depth and simplicity of the Harris landscape. In this new collection, Beka explores “The Edge” where land meets sea, sea meets sky, and sky meets land.

Website of Beka Globe Photography

Beka’s work is the sort of landscape photography I aspire to. I rarely consider black and white photography but this is an area I would now consider for certain landscape images. I love the feeling of movement and emotion in her photographs which really conveys the sense of drama that the Outer Hebrides portray.


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