I live near Nairn in the Highlands of Scotland with my wife and two dogs. We moved back ‘home’ to Scotland in 2010 after 30 years living and working in England and subsequently France. My professional life takes me into the life sciences industry and I am currently working as an independent consultant for a US based start-up company and based from home in the Highlands.

My interests as well as photography are our two Wheaten Terriers, walking and hiking, skiing, cycling and golf. I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby from my early teenage years with a SLR 35 mm film camera and moving on to a point and shoot digital. I became more involved and interested when I obtained my first digital SLR camera in 2007. I have a particular interest in landscape photography which has been motivated by moving back to Scotland. My cameras are a Nikon D600 & D90 with a 16-35mm FX, 18-200 mm DX, 50mm prime and a 80-400 mm FX lens. I am also becoming enthusiastic about wildlife photography after returning from my second Kruger National Park safari where my first leopard was captured (digitally)!

Its a long time since I did any form of formal studying but I am excited about taking on this new challenge. I am hoping the OCA Photography course will expand my knowledge and help me think ‘outside the box’ to be more thoughtful, creative and adventurous with my images.


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