Project Available light

Exercise: Tungsten and fluorescent lighting

The first part of this exercise was in a room with a tungsten lamp lighting the scene through a window out to the garden. I waited until the light levels indoors and outdoors were about equal and then took three photos, in the first with the white balance set to auto, the second with it set to daylight and the third where it was set to incandescent. The settings for each photo were f4.0 @ 1/6 sec, 200 ISO.

_GWD5209 Auto WB

_GWD5210 Daylight WB

_GWD5211 Incandescent WB

From these photos, it’s clear that using the incandescent white balance has produced a much more natural image than the other two, which appear to be too orange. The daylight white balance image produces an oppressive orange colour whereas the auto white balance setting is more acceptable. What is very clear is the blue glow from the window with the incandescent image.

For the second part of this exercise I don’t have a fluorescent light at home and will complete once I have a setting with one available.

Exercise: Outdoors at night


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