Project The time of day

Exercise: Light through the day

As the sun moves through the sky, it creates new possibilities for photography. Sunrise, early morning, mid morning, midday, afternoon, late afternoon and sunset all have a special character in their light.

This exercise involves choosing a clear sunny day and photographing a single scene from dawn to dusk. I chose a landscape location from my garden of a clear view of a former church – now an antique emporium. I set the tripod up early in the morning and selected the fixed view for the rest of the day. i simply had to adjust the exposure as time progressed and take the photo as close as possible on an hourly basis. Fortunately for late February we were experiencing a high pressure system and I could ‘guarantee’ uninterrupted sunlit cloudless skies for the whole day! Sunrise on this day was 07.15 and sunset was 17.45.

_DSC2303 07.42 (1/30 @f11.0)

_DSC230407.57 (1/60 @f11.0)_DSC230508.34 (1/125 @f11.0)_DSC230609.32 (1/250 @f11.0)_DSC230710.37 (1/250 @f11.0)_DSC230811.47 (1/350 @f11.0)_DSC230912.41 (1/350 @f11.0)_DSC231013.38 (1/350 @f11.0)_DSC231114.34 (1/250 @f11.0)_DSC231215.38 (1/250 @f11.0)_DSC231316.40 (1/125 @f11.0)_DSC232917.09 (1/60 @f11.0)

I had expected the best results to be around the early morning and late afternoon as this is the time of day that I would choose to take landscape photographs. The view looked due north which meant the sun would rise on the right of the view travel behind me during the day and set approximately to my left. Which image do I prefer – in this case the 16.40 which has enough colour in the trees to give some interest.

Exercise: Variety with a low sun

This was an exercise to demonstrate some of the advantages of shooting when the sun is low in the sky. I shot the photos below 1 1/2 hours before sunset on a March day hence the sun was pretty low in the sky.

_GWD4878 frontal lighting

With the sun behind the camera this produced a likeable effect (particularly as the camera was looking towards the blue sky).

_GWD4879 side lighting

Certainly quite a different effect with the colour of the elephant very different in this shot with the sun coming from the left.

_GWD4880 back lighting

Agin a very different shot and not an angle I would normally take shooting into the sun.

_GWD4882edge lighting

Not certain this is edge lighting but I quite like the effect this produced which accentuated the colour and texture of the wood in the elephant.

_GWD4894 twilight

Exercise: Cloudy weather and rain

First part: Sunlight and Cloud

Second part: Overcast




The three images above taken in overcast light allow the details in the granite and the wood to come through showing the speckles in the stone and the grain in the wood. In a stronger sunlit light these may have become lost in the strong shadows and contrast.

Third part: Rain


As it suggests in the coursework “a rainbow is a special bonus”. This was appeared just at the right time. A perfect example of why photography should not stop just because it rains.


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