Project Looking through the viewfinder

Fitting the frame to the subject:

A standard shot of a Porsche Boxster S with the backdrop of Brodie Castle in Morayshire.

This time the car is framed as tightly as possible to fill as much of the image.

This time a small part of the car is photographed showing the rear air vents and the lines of the door / handle.

A wider image with the car in the forefront to the castle.

An original followed by crops:

The above 3 photos are cropped from the original at the top of the series showing different emphasis to the car and the castle.

Objects in different positions in the frame:

A pheasant was chosen as the subject of this exercise as it was sitting in a very large even background. A series of photos were taken in which the pheasant was placed in a different position within the frame. The first was taken on impulse positioning the bird near the centre of the frame. However my preference is the second or third where the subject is off-centre and is more isolated against the background. (Perhaps for this exercise the pheasant was too small compared to the large background)

A sequence of composition:

When I attended the Opening Ceremony of the Curtis Cup Golf Tournament at the Nairn Golf Club I decided to use this event to provide a ‘sequence of composition’. Whilst the ceremony was going on with speeches etc in the background were a group from an ancient re-enactment society performing a mock battle. I started to follow the scenes as they happened. I also included a couple of images of the audience as they watched and also photographed the ongoing spectacle. The final images of the actual ‘Curtis Cup’ and the ‘Union Flag’ with the ‘Saltire’ for me depict the ‘best’ images as 3 days later the GB and I team successfully beat the USA (on Scottish soil) and won the cup for the first time since 1996 and only the 9th time since 1932!
This was an interesting exercise in that it made me explore images and scenes that I would not normally considered shooting. I guess I was more in a ‘journalistic’ mood trying to capture all the different moments that were unfolding around me.

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